Top 5 Desserts to Make Christmas 2021 Merrier

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and the festivities have already begun. Christmas, like any other traditional holiday, brings with it saccharine delights that we love to savor and serve to our families and friends. All over the world, Christmas Day is incomplete without cakes, pastries, cookies and other sugary delights. However, in this age of instagram and the need to aesthetically display everything, the traditional rum cakes and pastries sound a little too boring for those gram pictures. Not to worry though, we have listed 5 Instagram Worthy Gelato Desserts that will become your new Christmas Staple. Read on.

The Big Ol’ Gelato Tray

Gelato Trays can be perfect for any occasion. Whether it is Christmas or your child’s birthday party, a scrumptious looking deliciously created Gelato Tray will blow your taste buds away with its rich, authentic ingredients and consistent texture. Gelato Trays at Gelatos Gourmet come in three signature collections – Classic, Premium and Gourmet.  You should definitely try the Classic Collection Vanilla Birthday Cake with lots of sprinkles as your Christmas Dessert. The icing and decoration on the cake is perfect for Instagram while the traditional Gelato Gourmet taste will delight your friends and family. 

Gelato Bombon Cake

Get over the boring traditional ice cream cakes and switch to this heavenly delightful Gelato cake. This cake is just like your regular christmas cake, but better. Gelato Bombon cakes are made with premium ingredients by our in-house Gelato chefs and are available in mouthwatering flavors like Ferrero Rocher, Rafello and Super Bombon. Moreover, you can also get your custom christmas message on the cake. Just put the text in our special instruction text box while ordering and surprise everyone with a customized Gelato christmas cake. 

Gelato Panettone

Looking for the perfect Christmas dessert gift for your family, friends and coworkers? Look no further as Gelato Panettone is here to save the day. The Gelato Panettone is  a luxury gourmet sweet bread delightfully filled with stracciatella and chocolate Gelato covered with Nutella. The Gold Ferrero Rocher and icing on the cake makes it look like a royal dessert, and why not? The Gelato Panettone can be gift wrapped or simply presented in the transparent box it’s packed in.

2lb Gelato Cake

Enjoy artisanal gelato on top of oa home baked vanilla pound cake this Christmas and you will never turn back to traditional cakes for sure. The two layers of the cake are covered with a creamy hazelnut and chocolate layer. The fine amalgamation of gelato with cake creates a texture that is distinctively delicious and will surprise your friends and families. The Gelato Cakes can be customized by picking your own flavor from the menu. The 2lb Gelato cake can serve up to 8 people and is therefore perfect for small gatherings and occasions.

Gelato Pints

These pint sized Gelato desserts are perfect if you are looking for individual desserts for your friends and family and want to give them a flavor they love. You can choose from a wide range of flavors in this 12oz Gelato Pint. The flavor range includes some of the bestselling Gelato Gourmet flavors like Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cremino, Pistachio, Hazelnut and many more.

Water in the mouth already? Well, wait no more and order your favorite Gelato dessert now to keep the festive vibes going. Our Gelato desserts are available for delivery in South Florida and you can also come visit our store to pick and choose your own Gelato dessert. We are looking forward to seeing you. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

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