There are three main differences between gelato and ice cream: fat content, overrun (air), and serving temperature. Ice cream has anywhere from 10-20% butterfat, while gelato has 0-8%. Ice cream, on average, contains 50% air, while gelato contains only about 20%. Less air means gelato has an all-around more dense and creamy texture than ice cream. Gelato is also best served at a slightly warmer temperature (5-10 F) than ice cream (0-5 F), which allows it to fully cover the palette and create a more intense flavor profile.

A. No! All ingredients in our gelato are all-natural, including pure cane sugar. We make our own flavors sourcing the ingredients from as local as possible. For example, our Coffeehouse Chip is made from a blend of coffee that comes from Prime Roast in Keene, NH.

Sorbetto is the Italian word for sorbet, and it is made using water instead of milk. This means that sorbetto contains 0% butterfat, and is considered to be dairy free!

Every flavor we offer in pints is all-natural, and all of our primary flavors in our stores are all-natural. For us, all-natural means: no artificial flavors, no artificial dyes or colorings, and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Occasionally our stores may offer flavors made with brand-name candies or other ingredients that may contain artificial flavors, colors, or high-fructose corn syrup. Some of our customers ask for flavors with these candies, and we offer them on special occasions or in response to these requests. These flavors are readily identifiable due to their brand or themed name and be easily avoided if they do not align with your food preferences. If you have any questions, please ask your server or contact us. We keep our grocery store pint line strictly sourced with 100% natural ingredients and do not offer these brand-name candy flavors in grocery store pints.

If it’s been held in the freezer, we suggest letting it sit for about five minutes to soften slightly before serving. We prefer to serve in small glass dishes, although a cereal bowl, wine glass, or straight out of the pint container will do in a pinch. Always eat with a little red spoon.

Our plastic pint containers are made with PETE plastic (Recycling Symbol 1) and can be recycled in communities that recycle this type of plastic. Our paper pint containers are made with Sustainable Forestry Initiative-certified coated paperboard and can be recycled in communities that are able to recycle coated paperboard. If you’re not sure, please inquire with your recycling provider.

2 business days ahead of time

Yes! You can contact us at for any request you might have.