Gelato Dairy

During the scorching summer months one desires nothing more than scrumptious, frozen treat and when this delicacy is a gelato nothing stands in comparison to it. Each one of us has come across a delightful range of choices in gelato. However, the nagging thought remains, is it free from dairy? If the question has ever crossed your mind whether or not Gelato is free from dairy? Allow us to help you find the answer to this. 

Is Gelato Dairy Free?

No. Gelato isn’t free from dairy. It is made using a generous amount of both milk and cream both of which belong in the dairy category. All dairy ingredients are derived from animal milk (preferably cow’s). The heavenly taste of gelato is a masterful blend of cream and milk. 

So, what are the primary ingredients in making gelato? The basic list of ingredients consist of cream, sugar, and milk. It also has flavoring components like fruit, mint, or espresso. Gelato has come from Italy where 3.5% butterfat is included which is either in the form of cream or milk

Gelato isn’t lactose free or vegan either. It can’t be lactose free with the amount of cream and milk in it. As for being vegan, gelato is made using animal milk which rules out the vegan option. 

Is There Any Form Of Difference between An Ice Cream and a Gelato?

When the intolerable heat is at its height, nothing will feel more heavenly than a frozen treat like gelato. Though gelato and ice cream might look alike they are quite different when it comes to taste or procedure of making them. Be its origin or which is a healthier treat, the difference between gelato and ice cream is quite major. 

The popularity of both the frozen delicacies can’t be denied. The origin of ice cream can be traced way back to China, it’s said to be a favorite of King Tang of Shang and was made using ice, buffalo milk, and flour. However, with time several ingredients have been added to ice cream to enhance its taste. For example, berries, nuts, fruits, and so on. 

Ice cream started to incorporate dairy obtained from cows and egg yolks which transformed it into a delight for the elite. Ice cream started to gain popularity in the 19th century when advancements were made in refrigeration techniques and the dairy industry. Gelato originated in Florence and was made in Sicily for the first time. 

Gelato and ice cream are different from one another on the basis of how it is made. It’s all in the churning. Gelato is stirred slowly while it’s freezing by a machine without incorporating any air during the stirring procedure. 

Ice cream, on the other hand, incorporates maximum air during the churning procedure. Though both have similar ingredients the quantity of ingredients varies. The amount of cream, milk, and sugar varies. Ice cream also contains eggs which gelato doesn’t. Ice cream packs way more cream and Gelato, on the other hand, has more milk.The amount of butterfat in Gelato ranges between 4% – 9% which is way higher in ice cream(14% – 25%). 

If we talk about the texture of both the desserts, there is again a huge difference. Gelato is more dense than ice cream but it’s silkier. The dense texture of Gelato is the reason why it’s more flavorful than ice cream. The flavor of Gelato is obtained naturally which enhances it’s mouth feel. 

Ice cream with a higher content of air is lighter and softer in texture. It contains way more butterfat that reduces its flavor. 

Is Gelato Gluten Free? 

If you don’t top your gluten with a bunch of flavorings, gelato will remain gluten free naturally. Gluten can only be additionally added to gelato. However if you add a sauce or crumbled cookies to it, gelato automatically transforms into gluten. 
In case you’re in a quest for a frozen dessert that is devoid of dairy, the options available to you are sorbets that include freshly squeezed fruit juice, sugar, and water. Ice creams that use rice milk, cashew cream, or coconut cream are vegan, dairy-free options.

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