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In Florida, summer is all about long, hot, oppressive days that call for patios, parks, and soirees. And all in the sun can be sweaty and frustrating. The best option for cooling off your body and mood during such dog days is a frosty cup of Italy’s favorite frozen sweet treat. Yes, we are speaking of the delicious gelato. But the foremost thing to worry about is that not all gelato is created equal. However, all the gelato products offered by Gelato Gourmet guarantees the authentic taste of la dolce vita.

Being the best gelato shop in Weston, Florida, we offer the smoothest and creamiest Italian version of gelato products. For a treat that’s less fatty than a typical icy cone, head to our store to spot a vast array of gelato types and flavors ranging from classics like Straciatella to futuristic fruity flavors, or simply order online.

Let’s Begin With the Type of Gelato of Products and the Flavors We Offer

1. Gelato Cake

Gelato-CakeGelato Cake

Isn’t it amazing when you can merge two of your favorite foods into one real decadent dessert! And yes, without ruining the taste. Well, you can get with cake and gelato for the delicious aftermath of tasty gelato cake.

A tempting combination of traditional cake and classic gelato, our mouth-watering gelato cakes are a unique treat that will dazzle on any occasion. Our gelato cakes are also becoming a popular alternative for various occasions and events. Our gelato cakes will visually impress and delight our taste buds, just like traditional cakes.

A delight to the eyes and sweet tooth, gelato cakes are the perfect frozen desserts for the summers and beyond. With our artful ingredients and the right blend of taste, this dessert can undoubtedly transform any event into a delectable feast. So, move over boring pastries and age-old ice cream cakes, and explore the newer version of sweet delight with our extensive range of flavorful gelato cakes. And dare we say an even more enjoyable treat has finally entered Weston city.

What is in our Gelato Cake?

Traditional cakes are a long-standing necessity of the dessert table. But, they can be modified into so many different gourmet dessert forms. And that’s how our gelato cake was born. A gelato cake is one such dessert where you turn two typically tasty desserts into one delicious frozen treat while surprising your palate with a unique blend of tastes and textures.

Gelato Cakes are a great alternative to the traditional oven-baked caked and classic gelato pints. So, if you’re looking for an ice cream cake, we suggest trying a gelato one this time. The flavors are extensive and highly delightful. This leaves you with many possibilities for creating your cake, and you can order one for any type of event. For example, we offer gelato cakes for:

Birthday parties

Office parties and events

Get-togethers and family reunions

Celebration of a milestone like a promotion

Or just an outdoor fun night with friends without the worry of melting ice cream buckets

Plus, we also offer so many options to personalize your gelato cakes.

What’s in our recipe?

It may seem too much to boast if we say that we got the best gelato cake formula, though some of our customers have told us that. For us, the secret to the best gelato cake recipe is based on freshly prepared gelato with the freshest ingredients. Handcrafted from the finest all-natural ingredients and made with local produce, we have been making this tasty treat a delight for all ages.

In casting out the perfect gelato cake recipe, it also means the flavors that we combine into them. You can get layers of your favorite flavors, which you prefer. So, for instance, gelato cakes can be made with a base of two or three flavors of fresh, handcrafted gelato. Then, it can be embellished with other ingredients and sprinklers like fruits and chocolate. These are easily customizable as you can choose whichever gelato flavors you want for yourself. And you can shake things up according to you based on the location, theme, festival, holiday, or the type of occasion.

We love and have fun coming up with delicious combinations and innovative designs of gelato cakes from time to time. Sometimes our customers amaze us with their mysterious yet tasty combinations and make us fall in love with them too. That’s because, with a gelato cake, you can choose all the layers, flavors, and extras you require.

Classic Collection of Flavors to Choose From

Stracciatella: It is a traditional gelato flavor of vanilla gelato sprinkled with dark chocolate chips. You take one bite and will find that the candy seemed to replicate the combined taste beautifully. The shell of the gelato is simple in its soft vanilla flavor, emphasizing the high-quality rich chocolate inside. After crunching through the surface, the overall taste will be more of chocolate than the vanilla offering a good alternate hot of flavors with every bite. The flavors of Stracciatella are super creamy and notably smooth, and the look of it is super inviting.

The thick candy coating also has a firm crunch, much crispier and more fun than any candy shell, and more similar to an Easter robin egg candy. So, if you still love and enjoy the crackle of candies with hard shells, you are definitely going to like this flavor. This unique gelato cake is just as tantalizing as if you dissolve the shell in your mouth before digging in.

Cookies and Cream: Next bestseller in line is our Cookies and cream gelato cake. Cookies and cream is a creamy and rich gelato cake flavor stuffed full of chunks of Oreo cookies. Being one of the most famous gelato flavors there is, maybe even ahead of vanilla and chocolate separately, and for a good reason. To find out that, you have to give it a try and get the taste of it.

Dulce de leche: Consumed mostly in South American countries, it is in Argentina where “Dulce de Leche” is considered a national symbol. According to legend, it was produced by mistake back in the 19th century when a pot of sugared milk was being left forgotten and unattended on a flame. After various hours of cooking, the milk transforms into a delicious creamy caramel mixture. Yes, it is our lovely caramel flavor. Made with fresh milk, sugar, and lots of patience. This gelato cake flavor will surely bring back caramel-coated childhood memories.

Nocciola: A staple flavor at every Italian gelateria, nocciola is a classic hazelnut gelato flavor. It is made with a fragrant hazelnut paste that is combined with a base of cream, milk, egg yolk, and sugar to produce a creamy treat that is defined by its nutty flavor. With every bite, you will experience sensational hazelnut flavor blended with a smooth, creamy base. The rich flavor of nuts freshly churned with cream and cold milk is heavenly. The match of gelato with cake creates a texture that is, without a doubt, unique and delicious.

All our classic signature gelato cakes are skillfully designed to surprise people of all ages. We also offer customization of all our gelato cake flavors and ingredients. So you can start by picking any flavor off our select menu, and your cake will be baked according to the requested specifications. No matter the date or time, you can rest assured that your very own personalized Gelato cake will be freshly baked, individually made, and decorated, as if made in one of our stores.

2. Gelato Pints

Gelato-PintsGelato Pints

Moving further to our range of gelato pints, you can also enjoy our artisanal gelato on top of a home-baked vanilla pound cake. These two elements make a perfect summer evening dessert. It is time to take a break from good old ice cream pints. Imagine plain vanilla cake covered with a creamy hazelnut and chocolate layer. Our gelato will invoke joyful memories and are made to be shared to create new ones.

What Type of Gelato Are You Craving Right Now?

Classic: Our classic collection of gelato is our most popular flavor, enjoyed by people of all ages. This is the ultimate collection of all gelato lovers and is the purest flavor to create. It includes Chocolate, Coco, Coffee, Mint, Vanilla, Birthday Cake, Stracciatella, and Cookies and Cream.

Gourmet: Our coveted gourmet flavors are made up of one of a kind recipe formulation crafted with exotic nuts and ingredients of origin. This means that these gourmet flavors you will not find anywhere else. All these flavors are thought out and skillfully handcrafted by our very own award-winning pastry chef, Ezequiel Gomez. It includes Ferrero Bombon, Nutellisima, Coconut Love, hazelnut, Pistachio, and Chicha.

Premium: Premium flavors are crafted with condiments such as fruit preserves, cookies, and other such variegates and toppings. These flavors offer unique texture and taste inside our creamy gelato. It includes Cookie Dough, Key Lime Pie, Rum & raisin, Tiramisu, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cremino, Triple Chocolate Brownie, CriCri, and Dulche de Leche.

We Offer Nearly All Possible Gelato Flavors In Weston Florida

Vanilla: Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron and still remains the most popular flavor of all time. Our Vanilla Gelato Pint is a perfect treat, with a creamy, dense texture and intense vanilla flavor. Once you taste it, you forget about stocking on ice cream pints. Vanilla gelato is similar to vanilla bean ice cream but with milk instead of heavy cream giving a more delectable aftertaste.

Cremino: This inimitable flavor is made by combining dark chocolate, cream, and hazelnut, interlayered with pistachio cream. It is basically chocolate gelato with three layers. The top and the bottom, which is the darker colored layers, are made of Gianduja, which is similar to Nutella. While the middle layer is what gives it its overall flavor. Cremino was invented in Turin, the capital of the Northern Italian region of Piedmont, and dates back to the 1930s.

Coconut Love: One of our most creamy gelato pints filled with tender and tropical coconut flavor. If you are a fan of coconut, you must try this flavor for a relaxing experience. With real coconut flavor, our coconut love gelato is of light texture and creamy taste. It is a must-try in summer.

Hazelnut: The silky smooth texture of this gelato, without any chunks to hinder your moments, contained amazing vanilla blended with hazelnut flavor. It is sweet, creamy, and offers a nutty taste. If you like hazelnuts, you will be very pleased with this flavor.

Pistachio: Simply a classic choice when it comes to gelato but consistently one of the most popular too. Our pistachio gelato has a mouth-watering nuttiness to compliment the creaminess of the gelato marked with a nutty aroma and mild flavor.

Chocolate: Our number one crowd-pleaser is plain, simple, and delicious chocolate gelato. The basic chocolate flavor, but the variations on this theme are nearly endless. It’s all the rage to pair chocolate with other complementary flavors, like Triple Chocolate Brownie and Coco.

Coffee: It’s all too easy to overlook the other flavors once you see the tempting fruit-flavored gelatos. But sometimes, why not take your afternoon coffee in gelato form? Our coffee-flavored gelato will take you by surprise with its mysterious flavor when formed into gelato.

Cookie Dough: The delicious combination of browned butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. This gelato flavor is the ultimate sweet heaven. These ingredients give the gelato a deeper, richer flavor than plain vanilla ice cream, which you usually find in cookie dough ice cream. Biting into each chunk of cookie dough will taste like it was stolen from your grandmother’s mixing bowl and placed into the gelato by the frozen treat fairy.

Mint: Our mint gelato is a refreshing way to cool off this summer. Fresh mint blended with flecks of bittersweet chocolate, yielding an exotically smooth and refreshing finish. As it’s made with fresh mint, it has a delicious, intense mint flavor that you won’t find in any store-bought mint chip ice-cream. While gelato gets its creaminess from the egg yolks, you can easily distinguish this flavor from any mint-flavored ice cream.

Key Lime Pie: Tangy, tart, and refreshing, with a bit of graham cracker crunch, our key lime pie flavored gelato is just like the pie. The popularity of Key Lime with Graham Cracker Gelato will be a bit of a surprise because its flavor is decidedly tart since Americans tend to have sweeter palates.

Freshly-baked key lime pie is the inspiration behind this gelato flavor. The tartness depends on the type of lime used to make the gelato. The major difference between regular Persian limes and key limes is that the key limes are comparatively smaller than Persian limes. Once sliced, you must have noticed that key limes have a lot of seeds like a lemon, where Persian limes are seedless. Also, the key lime has a much thinner rind, higher acidity, a stronger flavor, and a distinct aroma that is easily recognized. And this gives our gelato a typical taste from all other sweet flavors.

Rum & Raisin: Dark rum has a wonderfully rich and complex sweetness that lends itself particularly well to desserts. By steeping the raisins in rum for several hours to rehydrate and soften and infuse the raisins with rum flavor giving the gelato a unique combination of flavors with a blend of both the ingredients.

Siciliano: Our code to make the authentic siciliano is to use the finest variety of Sicilian Pistachios, renowned for being the world’s best. It creates a delicate, natural, and clean taste to the creamy gelato. By carefully blending this noble nut’s paste with high-quality fresh milk, we are able to offer a rich and indulgent treat to our customers.

Some of our other gelato pint flavors include:

Dulce de leche

Birthday Cake


Strawberry Cheesecake

Cookies and Cream


Ferrero Bombon


Pint Full of Flavorful Sorbet

Gelato and Sorbet are the two most common frozen desserts devoured on hot summer days. Gelato is a frozen dessert containing milk, cream, egg yolk, sugar, and various flavoring agents. While it has more calories and fat compared to Sorbet. Sorbet, on the other side, generally containing a sweetened fruit juice or syrup mixed with flavored water. It is also made with a variety of other ingredients. Though there is no milk or cream added to Sorbet.

Gelato is prepared in the same way the ice cream is prepared but at a much slower pace with little air to let in, making it more dense and fluffy. This is why it remains frozen at warmer temperatures. Sorbet is, on the other hand, made in the ice cream maker at a relatively faster pace with little air.

Gelato contains more calories and fat due to more milk and less cream, while Sorbet contains more sugar content. Sorbet also differs from these frozen desserts with composition, which is the lack of dairy ingredients. Should I mention that Sorbet is a gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan version, sounds better!

Our sorbets are made with the highest quality fresh fruits and juices. So that you can enjoy the refreshing Sorbet, guilt-free, like a child!

Some of our most cherished sorbet flavors include-

  • Tamarind: This sweet and tangy gelato is super refreshing on those hot Weston summer days. It’s also pretty light with the perfect amount of tartness, so no fear for those sour facial expressions.
  • Mango: There is nothing better in this WORLD than having a pint full of chilled sweet mango sorbet on a sunny evening. Both our mango popsicle and sorbet is smooth, light, and incredibly delicious.
  • Lemon: Best for the sunny, summery days, our lemony gelato will refresh you to the core. Along with that, you’ll be surprised by how soft this Sorbet is, as well as tangy and refreshing, just like a glass of lemonade.
  • Strawberry: Strawberry sorbet is a sweet, soft summer refresher! In particular, we’d recommend sorbet over strawberry popsicle if you’re looking to cool down on a hot day.

If none of those mentioned above flavors captured your interest, the list is not over yet. Apart from these classic fruity flavors, we also have Flamingo, Passion Fruit, and Sour Sop (Guanabana) sorbets for you.

3. Flavors Options fo Gelato Tray 

Gelato TrayGelato-Tray

Tiramisu: This is made of the perfect combination of creamy cheese, espresso, cacao, and egg yolk, making this gelato flavor the ultimate guilty pleasure. But you have to be careful because, just like the traditional form of this iconic Italian dessert, tiramisu gelato is incredibly addictive! Once you try it, you will become obsessed with it. But the good part is that Tiramisu in the form of frozen delight is less sugary, which makes it a healthier option than a classic form of this insanely delicious dessert.

Strawberry Cheesecake: Who doesn’t like strawberry cheesecakes! This inspired piece of delicious gelato creation is a beautiful combination of light creamy texture blended with intense strawberry flavor. This world-famous dessert in the form of frozen delight is an ideal choice for summer indulgence and quintessence of perfection. It’s hard to beat a gelato designed to taste like one of the most popular desserts of all time. Strawberry cheesecake gelato has all of the fruitiness, creaminess, and biscuity tastes and textures that you’d expect from eating a slice of the dessert itself.

Some of our other gelato tray flavor offerings include:

Key Lime Pie

Rum & Raisin

Triple Chocolate Brownie


Cookie Dough

Dulche Leche


4. Gelato Frozen Popsicle


Nostalgia Collection

Our nostalgia collection of frozen gelato popsicles is inspired by the flavors and memories of our community. With the very first bite, you’ll be able to clearly distinguish the taste of gelato pops from any usual ice cream popsicle. Through our flavor blends, we want you to relive childhood flavors and create new memories along the way. With this particular collection, we wish to entreat the memories of our Venezuelan culture and for you to explore new tastes and flavors.

Each flavor tells a different tale that you can taste with every bite. We use only high quality and fresh ingredients to carefully balance each of our frozen desserts in order to formulate unforgettable experiences.

With our Nostalgia collection, we introduce to you the following flavors:

Chicha: It is a traditional Venezuelan drink enjoyed by both adults and children equally. This gelato popsicle is a mix of rice and milk or cream with a hint of cinnamon, filled with creamy condensed milk. You will never find an ice cream popsicle in this flavor. Without a doubt, this combination of textures and flavors will bring out the inner child in you.

Super Bom: A playful combination of delicious strawberry popsicles filled with loads of condensed milk. It tastes much similar to strawberries and cream. And this is not the end. This frozen treat also gets dipped into a pool of dark chocolate to create a luscious crust all over. Therefore, most of our customers love these combinations of flavors to enjoy with their family and friends. All and all, we want you to enjoy them with your dear ones and create memories for a lifetime.

Coco Bom: Believe us when we say it is a match made in heaven. This flavor features our famous coconut gelato filled with a creamy dulce de leche or generally known, the milk caramel. A tropical combo that is sure to make you feel like dancing on the beach enjoyed from the comforts of home. This fruit popsicle unites two major ingredients widely used in South American desserts to bring to life a new frozen treat that will make you want more.

Royal Cream: It is a nostalgic combination of vanilla with a thin layer of orange sorbet. This blend of textures with the creamy gelato and the refreshing orange flavoring will take you back to that peaceful summer day. You will never know if you won’t have it.

Passion Bom: If you have a craving for the tart and tangy flavor of passion fruit, this is the perfect fruit popsicle for you. One of the most preferred fruits in Latin cuisine, maracuya, aka passion fruit, is enjoyed in smoothies, drinks, and pastries all over South America. We thoughtfully created this flavor to serve your palate with an ideal mix of sourness and creamy condensed milk to balance the sweet taste. With one bite of this pop, you will be in fruit heaven.

Pastelado: A universal flavor that attracts all inner children to break-free. No matter the culture, the combination of classic vanilla, covered by a layer of crisp dark chocolate has been enjoyed by children and grown-up evenly. Known as pastelado, stracciatella, or simply vanilla chocolate chip, this gelato popsicle is a classic that you won’t seem to stop enjoying with your family and friends.

Some of our other wholesome frozen gelato popsicles flavors include:

Super Nut popsicle

Mango popsicle

Lemon popsicle

Sour Sop (Guanabana) popsicle

5. Gelato Frozen Popsicle Sample Box (8 Samplers)

Gelato Frozen Popsicle Sample Box

Can you not decide where to start from?

We get you! Therefore, we also have a customizable frozen gelato popsicle sample box available. All you need to do is pick your top 8 flavors from the following list and discover the taste you enjoy the most:

  • Strawberry
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Super Nut
  • Coco Bom
  • Passion Bom
  • Chicha
  • Pastelado
  • Super Bom

These popsicles won’t let us miss the ice pops for a pretty long time.

Gelato is Healthy than Ice Cream

Gelato is the Italian counterpart of ice cream. And one must know how they are different from each other. Gelato differs from American ice cream in three major ways: Denseness, Sugar content, and Temperature. First, and fundamentally, Gelato is much denser than American ice cream. And the reasons are:

Gelato contains significantly less butterfat than regular ice cream. While ice cream contains 15 percent butterfat or more, Gelato typically contains more like 4-8 percent milk fat.

Gelato is churned more slowly and for a longer duration and has less air whipped into it in comparison to ice cream, thus producing a denser product.

Overall, gelato and ice cream share the basic properties of being made from frozen milk, cream, and other ingredients, sometimes including egg yolks. Since Gelato is denser, this is why the flavors are more intense as compared to that of ice cream.

Conclusively, Gelato is generally stored and served at slightly warmer temperatures than ice cream. While ice cream can be stored at -20 degrees Fahrenheit or colder, Gelato is usually kept at 0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit and served at 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The low-fat content of Gelato and its denser consistency would make it too hard to eat at colder temperatures.

Gelato Have More Flavor Than Ice Cream

Since the lower temperature of the Gelato means you taste the flavors more intensely. This is also due in part to the fact that a numb tongue is less sensitive. Also, the receptors present in our taste buds become more sensitive when the temperature of the food is increased.

This is particularly valid for sweet flavors. If you’ve ever noticed that melted ice cream tastes sweeter, then when it’s still frozen, this is what is happening. One more factor is that the flavor compounds that produce tastes and aromas, which in turn affect the way we experience the flavors, are more active at warmer temperatures. Therefore, when the food is colder, its taste will be correspondingly less intense to our palate. Think of ice pops.

Finally, ice cream is prepared with cream, which has a higher percentage of fat content than milk. The fat tends to coat the tongue, which forms a barrier between your taste buds and the food. Since Gelato is made with milk, there is less fat present, so you taste the flavors more intensely.

Gelato Gourmet is Eagerly Waiting to Serve You

Our gelato products are freshly made every day and churned very slowly to achieve a rich and creamy texture different from ice cream.

Since we use the finest and freshest ingredients, some are sourced locally, including milk and cream. It gives our gelato products an authentic taste and offers memorable experiences to our customers.

So, come visit our store if you’re around, or order online. We can not wait to serve you a flavorful and memorable gelato experience.

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