Gelato Frozen Popsicle – 123ml


Weight 123 ML
Shelf Life 15 Days
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NostalgiaPassion Bom $5.00

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Frozen Pop: Nostalgia Collection

Our nostalgia collection is inspired by the flavors, and memories of our community. Through our paletas we are transporting you to relive childhood flavors and perhaps experience new memories along the way. With this paleta collection we want to invoke the memories of our Venezuelan culture, and for you to discover new tastes traditions.

Each paleta tells a different story that you can taste with each bite. We use the (freshest/best) ingredients to carefully balance each one of these frozen desserts in order to create unforgettable eating experiences.

Our Nostalgia collection includes the following flavors:


A traditional Venezuelan drink enjoyed by adults and children alike. This gelato pop is a mix of rice and (milk/cream) with a dash of cinnamon, filled, of course with decadent condensed milk. Without a doubt this combination of flavors and textures will bring out the inner child in you. Make sure you always have plenty of these pops in your freezer!

Super Bom:

A fun combination of silky strawberry gelato filled with plenty of condensed milk, it tastes similar to strawberries and cream. This frozen treat gets dipped into a pool of dark chocolate to create a luscious crust around the whole paleta. Therefore, the majority of our clients prefer these combinations of flavors to take them back to their favorite childhood memories. In conclusion, we want you to enjoy them with your family at home, and hopefully create new memories of your own.

Coco Bom:

A match made in heaven, this paleta features our popular coconut gelato filled with a rich dulce de leche, or milk caramel. A tropical mix that is sure to make you dance on the beach, enjoyed from the comforts of home. This pop unites two ingredients widely used in South American desserts, to bring to life a new frozen treat that will make your mouth water.

Royal Cream:

A nostalgic combination of vanilla and a thin covering of orange sorbet. This mix of textures with the creamy gelato and the refreshing, icy orange will take you back to that perfect summer day. In conclusion, no matter the weather the royal cream paleta is perfect to enjoy alone or with a friend.

Passion Bom:

If you have a craving for the sour, tangy flavor of passion fruit this is the pop for you. One of the most popular fruits in latin cuisine, maracuya or passion fruit is enjoyed in drinks, smoothies, and pastries all over South America. We choose to serve it to you as a frozen paleta filled with condensed milk to balance the sweet flavor. One bite and you will be in fruit heaven.


A universal flavor all inner children are bound to recognize. No matter the culture, the combination of classic vanilla, blanketed by a layer of crisp dark chocolate has been enjoyed by children and grown up alike. Known as pastelado, stracciatella or simply vanilla chocolate chip, this flavor is a classic that we just can’t seem to stop enjoying with family and friends.

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3.5 × 0.5 in

Nostalgia, Vegan


Passion Bom, Pastelado, Super Bom, Chicha, Coco Bom, Super Nut, Passion Fruit, Mango, Strawberry, Hibiscus Raspberry tea, Lemon, Sour Sop (Guanabana)


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