Gelato Pint

Now you can enjoy from the comfort of your home the nostalgia of Gelato Gourmet. Make your purchase from our wide selection of artisanal collections packed into a 12 oz pint. One flavor per pint. Our Gelato Pints are made by award-winning Gelato chefs with the most innovative of Gelato recipes.
With our pints, we aim to offer our family of clients the same Gelato Gourmet experience no matter the location in lovely South Florida. If you are not close to our Weston location, however, you still deserve Gelato Gourmet!!

Choose from our range of incredible Gelato Pint flavors like Chocolate, Cocoa, Coffee, Cookie Dough, Flamingo, Mint, Tiramisu, Coconut Love, Hazelnut, and many more.

Our takeaway orders are filled and completed 100% by our friendly Gourmet staff, and that is our secret to happiness. We are a business that lives through our amazing culture of family and craftsmanship. We are committed to making the best gelato for the best experiences, from our family to yours. We start from zero and work our way to the delicious desserts we put on display every day, making flavors and packaging happiness in every pint for our community.

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