Gelato flavored Desserts
  1. The primary difference between gelato and ice cream is the absence of air incorporated. The volume of your beloved ice cream is made up of 50% air. On the other hand, gelato has somewhere between 20% – 35% air. 
  2. Gelato has only 4%-8% butterfat in it whereas ice cream has around 14% of it. Doesn’t it seem a bit paradoxical when gelato tastes way creamier than regular ice cream and still has less fat?
  3. Finally the sugar content is closely monitored and slightly lowered than ice cream, when balanced with the water content. Sugar serves both as sweetener as well as anti-freeze in gelato. We, at Gelatogourmet, are incredibly proud of the ingredients used to make the handcrafted gelato. Our cheese is made from the milk of Calder Dairy cows; it serves as our gelato base. We have a small batch of flavours; pasteurization takes place in small batches as well.

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