Forms of Gelato

I have a soulful answer for my every emotion. Whenever I am happy, sad, angry, out of mind, or bored, I love to do one thing, EAT. I don’t think like I am eating; I feel like I am treating myself. When you want to treat yourself, indulging in Gelato is the best option. A Gelato will have an answer for your every emotion. There is a wide variety of gelato types, forms, and flavors to select from. Gelato is an Italian dessert that started dating back to somewhere around the 15th Century. An artist, Bernardo Buontalenti, was entrusted with the duty of organizing a lavish treat for the King of Spain. Bernardo did a marvelous job by creating a smooth, creamy, and luscious dessert, and since then, Gelato is gathering its fame.

Difference between Gelato and Ice-cream

One thing that puts me off is when someone says, “Gelato Ice-cream” No! Gelato and Ice-cream are two different things. There are three differences that set apart Gelato from Ice-cream. The Gelato is lower in butterfat (0-8%) than a regular Ice-cream. As I mentioned butterfat with a starting range as zero, there is water-based Gelato hence milk or cream free. So, there is a Vegan choice in Gelato. These Gelatos are a water-based variety known as SORBET. The second difference between the two is, Gelato is denser than Ice-cream. A commercial Ice-cream has around 50% of air, and while Gelato has only up to a max of 25%, a traditional method of preparation ensures less air content while keeping it denser and smoother. There has to be some air in it, as with no or very little air, it would be like ice and challenging taking out for serving.

The third difference is Gelato servings are warmer than traditional Ice-creams. When serving an Ice-cream, it is at a lower temperature than zero, so you really can’t taste the flavors involved. There is a practice to serve Gelato at a higher temperature than zero; it helps to dive deep into rich natural ingredients prepared Gelato. The fourth difference is Gelato is never scooped; it is spaded. Now, what is spaded? The term spade comes from one of the four terms used in a pack of cards. The shape of the tool used to scrape Gelato resembles the spade icon. This tool is useful in scraping Gelato before adding it to a cup, cone, or tray. The scraping of Gelato helps to make it smoother. The scraping of Gelato and adding to the respective container is a skillful art. Did I give you the fourth difference when I said it’s three, oh! There are many, Gelato has less sugar content, smaller cream quantity, lower egg yolks, and the list goes on. That’s why I say; Gelato is not an Ice-cream.


Preparing a denser, creamier, and tasty Gelato is a long process. It starts with the pasteurization of milk. Nowadays, you get ready pasteurized milk packets, but if you are making it using raw cow milk, I will tell you how to get it done. The pasteurization helps in killing harmful bacteria from the milk, giving it longer shelf life. For pasteurization, you have to boil the milk till 70-80 degrees and rapidly cool it around 4 degrees. How will you understand when milk is at a 70-80 degree? When you boil milk, and it starts to create small bubbles at the edge of milk, then it is around 70-80 degrees. At this point, get the milk to rest on an ice pack and slowly simmer it, and in less than four to five minutes, your milk Pasteurization is over.

Some gelaterias in Italy used their homebred cow’s milk. It helps to have a distinct taste.

So, Let’s Make Some Joyful Gelato

Now, as the milk pasteurization is over, let’s prepare a base for Gelato. An authentic Gelato contains all-natural ingredients. Any artificial flavoring is a straight no-no. You can add the pulp from fresh fruits or add coarsely grounded nuts or vanilla beans. As the milk is laced with natural flavoring ingredients, it is ready to be churned. Gelato is churned at a slower speed than Ice-cream, helping it to gain that thicker consistency. Now a day’s technology has given us the perfect Gelato maker machines to churn the base at the right speed at the right temperature. In earlier days, Gelato used to be handcrafted. A traditional ritual to get the best Gelato.

I remember during my school days when I was always in a hurry to get to school on time. There was an Ice-cream maker uncle who used to work with the wooden barrel when I passed by. On inquiring, I got to know that the wooden container has the right mix of salt and ice to maintain proper temperature, and it had a tight container within which it had the Ice-cream mix. The guys would slowly move the barrel to and fro to make the Ice-cream. Now I realize how the Ice-cream uncle used to bring some delicious Ice-creams every evening.

Now, as you all know, what is Gelato, and how is it made? Let’s explore the different forms of Gelato. Yes, Gelato has vivid options because it is always said, “Variety is the spice of life.” Typically, when any particular recipe reaches the different corners of the world and adapts to the native style, preparation method, and taste of locals. That’s not the case in Gelato; it has kept its core intact. You wander any part of the world; people still drool for authentic Italian Gelato. Its mesmerizing taste keeps your senses occupied.

Different types of Gelatos

The first Gelato type I am discussing is SORBET. It’s a sugar-based Gelato traditionally prepared with water and seasonal fruit pulp. It’s so delicious that you will feel like it’s just the frozen fresh fruit. Flamingo and Soursop (Guanabana) are my dearest sorbet flavors. Also, you can make a sorbet shake from your favorite flavor.

The next very popular is Gelato Popsicle. Who doesn’t know about a popsicle? But when it’s a frozen Gelato popsicle, it would tantalize your taste buds. Devouring a popsicle was an everyday affair during my academics. A Gelato popsicle has all the variety fusion mix you can think of. From a strawberry flavored frozen Gelato dipped into hot dark chocolate or a tangy Orange sorbet popsicle filled with classic vanilla Gelato. You can get a refreshing Gelato popsicle with different flavors like Mango, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange, or Passion fruit with mystique flavor inside.

Gelato cakes are one of the most desired options for desserts. The different combinations of flavors make them exciting to everyone. Why would one go for a cake? When you have an opportunity for a Gelato cake with numerous flavoring options. The excellent match of soft cake with dense, creamy Gelato is irresistible. If you want to surprise your loved ones, order a cake with customized flavor from the nearest gelateria to enjoy spending a fantastic time relishing the taste.

I guess you will be craving some mouthful Gelato with equally exciting flavors. Get ready now. I am going to list out some traditional flavors of Gelato.

Let’s know about some exciting flavors of Gelato.

The most loved traditional Gelato is Stracciatella. It’s a divine combination of vanilla and chocolate. It is adding melted chocolate to the Vanilla base of Gelato during the final stages of churning. This makes melted chocolate turn into the Choco chip and gives the Stacia texture to Gelato. Once again, melted chocolate is poured on Stracciatella before serving.

Another Iconic Gelato flavor is Tiramisu Gelato. The term tiramisu categorically refers to “cheer me up” or “Pull me up” in Italian. The must-have combination of espresso, cocoa, and mascarpone, and vanilla make this Gelato most cherished in Italy. The lasting flavor of Tiramisu will surely lift your spirits.

Here comes the one of delightful traditional flavors, Pistachio Gelato. An authentic pistachio Gelato will only have pistachio as it flavors ingredients, and you can make out the same by looking at the color of it. The darker green it is, the chances are chlorophyll is added. The more subtle shade of light green and you know, you will be experiencing the rich flavor of pistachio Gelato.

Another all-time favorite flavor is Chicha Gelato. The base is a preparation that includes the right mix of rice and milk with a cinnamon hint. Chicha flavor gives you a throwback of your lovely childhood memories. All age groups enjoy this exciting Italian flavor.

The next divine flavor is Dulce de leche Gelato. I know you may say, dulce de leche pack is available everywhere on the shelf, but let me tell you it can never match the heavenly taste of slow-cooked milk with the right amount of sugar. Here, this slow-cooked milk is mixed with cream to create a fantastic flavor that has been enjoyed for ages.

The next flavor is for all those chocolate aficionados. The Nutellisima Gelato, here Gelato base, is mixed with chocolate Nutella. When the two great ingredients are matched, the result is a flavor ready to take you up in heaven.

The next crunchy flavor is CriCri Gelato. This again is a match made in heaven. The classic vanilla is bound with choco crisps to give you that crunchy feel while having a Gelato. This flavor is a hot favorite of kids and also enjoyed by adults.

The next lovely flavor is Mint Gelato. I am sure you will be awestruck by the fresh tingling minty Gelato taste. Mint Gelato flavor gives you a long-lasting pleasant feeling.

The next is another best combination of flavors Rum & Raisins Gelato. For preparation, raisins are soaked in rum for around 12 hours. After 12 hours, raisins are drained and refrigerated while the raisin-soaked rum is mixed with a base. Once the mix is ready, raisins are added and churned at slow speed. The result is, as always, an exciting Gelato flavor.

The next on this list is my personal favorite, the Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato. Oh! The name is just enough to bring the feel of that mesmerizing taste. This Gelato will always want to crave you for more. It’s a delight just to sit back and enjoy your strawberry cheesecake, Gelato.

The list of flavors will go on, and on, Gelato has an answer for all your natural flavors. Some twists and a mix of natural flavors make them more desirable.

My personal experience on Gelato.

You all won’t believe it whenever I am enjoying my Gelato. There is happiness in every scoop of it. The intense flavor begins to design a calming experience in my mind and parting with a lasting relishing feel.

I have tried to outline every aspect of Gelato. It’s one of a kind taste that keeps you floating in euphoric emotions. On your next trip to Italy or visiting an authentic Gelato store in any country, if you come across any gelateria, ensure you experience this majestic aura while tasting a Gelato.

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