Our History

The Gelato Gourmet idea was born after Haydee Gomez, a young entrepreneur, started working for a famous gelato store in Toronto, Canada.  After a few years working with this company and realizing that she had a passion for gelato and the joy that came with serving scores of smiling customers, she decided to move forward with her dream of owning and operating her own gelateria. So it was back to school for Haydee, she enrolled in the Gelato University and other pastry and frozen dessert courses to learn the art of making and handling frozen sweets. The company officially started operations by selling homemade natural Italian ices in Doral Farmers Market every Sunday. In October of the same year, the company expanded to nine new farmers market stands in Miami Dade and Broward County. In January 2015, the rapid growth of Gelato Gourmet allowed the company to open a new division of events and catering services for private parties and corporate functions. Today, many years after the first scoop was served, Gelato Gourmet has a full service Gelato Coffee shop in Weston, Florida, and  a new location in Hialeah Gardens where all the frozen treat production is made and from where they cater to the most exclusive events across South Florida.

Our Chef

Ezequiel Gomez @gelatero is the Gelato Master Chef at Gelato Gourmet. On a personal level he have been able to grow as a Gelato Chef through participation in 3 consecutive Gelato Festival America competitions. In 2017 I won third place at the Gelato Festival in Tucson, Arizona, there I developed a flavor in honor of my Italian roots called Siciliano (the Sicilian) which is a combination of pistachios, almonds, and oranges - these are the most popular ingredients for Gelato in Sicily. 

In 2018 I participated in the festival in Washington DC with a new flavor called Crunchy Fantasy, composed of cashews, caramel, and rice krispies. Once again our gelato proved to be a success and achieved second place in the competition, gaining the hearts of all those present at the festival. 

In June of this year we participated at the Gelato Festival in Boston - I think we can now go to Harvard! There we brought our Floridian Cream gelato, this is a local favorite at our shops and it is made using vanilla bean, caramel, chocolate fudge, and creme brûlée cookies. Once again we took home the second place award. 


We scoop happiness in every cup of gelato, design dreams in every cup of coffee, and serve memories in every piece of cake. Everything handcrafted in front of the customers by our passionate team. 

1. Serve HAPPINEES Through Service

2. Commit with heart and mind
3. Build Family Spirit
4. Dream with actions
5. Positively consistent 

Gelato Chef 


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